Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center has served mid-Michigan with outstanding eye care for over 35 years. What distinguishes us from others is our emphasis on our patients, their vision outcomes when solving their eye problems and the superior care delivered at our center by our devoted and compassionate staff.

Leaders in Eye Care

Our team is renowned for providing a series of firsts in our area.

  • Rosenbaum performed the first posterior chamber intraocular lens implants (during cataract surgery) in 1981
  • Rosenbaum performed the first full thickness corneal transplantation with modern techniques in 1981
  • We have one of the first in-office AAAHC certified surgical suites in the country
  • We house and maintain the area’s only all bladeless LASIK system that is fixed in location rather than trucked in when case volumes finally make it affordable to perform cases


We are exceptionally proud that over the years we have maintained our commitment to excellent surgical outcomes for our patients through substantial financial investments in technology. Today, our specialty eye group has grown into the leading eye center in mid-Michigan widely known for providing patients more independence from glasses through procedures like LASIK or replacement lens procedures – even advanced replacement lenses to correct declining reading vision (also known as presbyopia).


Continuity of care for our patients has been achieved by adding highly trained and skilled surgeons over the years. For over 15 years, we have collaborated with Associated Retinal Consultants of Michigan, the state’s leading retinal firm to deliver retinal care at our center. Patients seen with complicated glaucoma, cornea, and lens problems can be confident that they will receive the highest possible care from Dr. Lemon, Dr. Person and Our Doctors.

We also partner with primary eye care providers throughout the state that share our values and embrace our mission for high quality.

We’re Ready to Meet You!

We look forward to providing you with customized care. We invite you to stay proactive with your eye health and schedule an eye exam with us today.


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