Our Doctors demands the best for his patients – and that includes implementing the very best LASIK lasers on the market today. In the video below, Our Doctors explains why he has chosen the IntraLase and VISX lasers for iLASIK.


The IntraLase laser is used for the first step of the LASIK process: the creation of a flap in the cornea to allow access to the underlying tissue. Since he began using this bladeless technology for LASIK almost 12 years ago, Our Doctors’s patients have experienced zero flap complications. This is almost unheard of with traditional LASIK that uses a blade to create the flap.

The VISX excimer laser is used for the corneal reshaping step of LASIK – the step that actually corrects your vision. This technology is based on wavefront guided technology to often produce 20/15 vision (even better than 20/20). He has even used this technology to further correct the unsatisfactory vision of patients who had a previous LASIK surgery using wavefront optimized technology instead. Wavefront guided technology provides a more precise and tailored correction, producing superior vision results.

If you are researching your LASIK options, demand the very best for your eyes. Demand Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center. Schedule your free LASIK Consultation today.

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