If you are experiencing spots or strings in your vision that follow your eye’s direction, you may be dealing with a condition known as floaters. When you age, protein fibers (collagen) within the gel-like substance (vitreous) inside your eye begin to clump together. These clumps cast shadows onto your retina and are known as eye floaters.

Floaters can cause specks, spots, lines, and strings to intrude on your vision. In the past, doctors were unable to do anything about floaters, deeming them as inconveniences that had no impact on eye health or vision. However, with continued advances in medical technology, there is now a way to treat these floaters with laser therapies. Now, when any eye floaters begin to block or impair your vision, a YAG laser vitreolysis might be a good option to remove eye floaters.


Drs. Frank Rosenbaum and Erica Person are pleased to offer laser technology as an approach to treating floaters in your field of vision. Using laser light directed into the eyes, these areas of clumping vitreous fluid can be broken down to essentially “vaporize” them and treat them completely. 

Laser vitreolysis is completely safe and is incredibly effective at addressing large and bothersome floaters. Using a special lens placed on your eye, the doctor focuses a YAG laser onto the front surface of the eye floater. The laser emits a short 3 nanosecond (0.000000003 seconds) burst of energy onto the floater. The laser doesn’t just break the floater into smaller pieces; the focused high power density of the laser energy converts the collagen and hyaluronic molecules of the floater to a gas, which is then re-absorbed into the eye. This procedure has a low complication rate and offers a high degree of patient satisfaction.


To determine candidacy for this and other treatments available, we invite you to schedule a consultation appointment with Our Doctors or Dr. Person to get a proper diagnosis. Once you understand your diagnosis and express interest in reducing the visibility of your floaters, you can then undergo a full examination to decide if this treatment is a good fit.

Most patients find that they adjust to the presence of floaters in their vision over time and that it does not impact their vision much at all. For others, the spots and flecks may be bothersome enough to consider laser treatment to reduce their severity and provide an effective solution.


The team at Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center provides laser vitreolysis to help aid in the reduction of floaters within your line of vision. We have now helped hundreds of patients with this problem dating back to the spring of 2017. Our professionals, located at 3390 East Jolly Road in Lansing, are here to assist. Call the office in Lansing at (800) 926-7966, or fill out the form below to start learning more about laser vitreolysis for your floaters!


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