Visian ICL Implantation

Staar Visian ICL (Intraocular Collamer Lens) is a surgical option for treating high myopic (nearsighted) refractive errors. It differs from laser refractive procedures because it involves implanting a lens inside the eye, not reshaping the cornea. The ICL is implanted through a small incision in the peripheral cornea, similar to an intraocular lens insertion during standard cataract surgery. Unlike cataract surgery, the natural lens of the eye is not removed during the surgery. After a simple 15-minute procedure, patients experience an immediate improvement in vision and are “Wowed” by the results. Over 99% of patients were satisfied with the Visian ICL procedure.

Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center is one of the first centers for vision correction in the nation to offer this new FDA approved intraocular lens. In early March, 2006, some of the first patients in Michigan received this lens at Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center. Intended for patients with moderate to severe nearsightedness (myopia that requires -3 to -20 diopters of correction), it provides a permanent alternative to glasses and/or contact lenses.

One should think of the Visian ICL as a contact lens inside the eye, but better, because it is permanent and will never dry out, become dirty, get lost or need to be re-inserted in the eye each morning. This type of intra-ocular lens is called a Phakic IOL.

Made of Staar’s proprietary, highly biocompatible Collamer (collagen copolymer) material, the Visian ICL can be folded in a manner that allows implantation with an incision up to 50 percent smaller than competing technology. This surgical benefit may allow for a faster recovery of vision, as well as a reduced risk of inducing astigmatism, which can be a byproduct of earlier generation lens implants for nearsightedness. The Vision lens has what is described as “shape memory,” which allows it to be folded into a tiny roll, inserted through an incision just 3 millimeters in length and then unfolded once it is in the eye.

The unique design also allows the lens to be positioned beneath the iris (colored part of the eye), which minimizes risk to the cornea (the clear window in the front of the eye responsible for bending light into focus). The small incision and posterior lens placement combine to provide highly predictable outcomes, which making the lens virtually undetectable to observers. This lens is designed to remain in the eye permanently, but can be removed or exchanged if a patient’s vision changes.

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