What is a Cataract?



The natural lens of the eye helps to focus light on the retina inside the eye to produce clear images.  A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens as people age.  A cataract can also be caused from an eye injury, certain diseases, certain medications or long-term exposure to sunlight.   It is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States.

A cataract can be the reason that objects become blurred, bright colors seem dull, or seeing at night becomes more difficult.  Occasionally, changing your eyeglass prescription may help to improve your vision for a while.  When you can no longer see well enough to do the things you like to do, cataract surgery should be considered to improve your vision.  To determine if your cataract should be removed, your ophthalmologist will perform a thorough eye examination.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts Surgery

In cataract surgery, the cloudy lens is removed through a tiny incision.  After the cataract is removed, the natural lens is replaced with a permanent lens, called an intraocular lens implant (IOL).  These IOLs come in different focusing powers.  At your evaluation, your eyes will be measured to determine the proper focusing power of the IOL for your eyes.  Different IOL options are available to help give you the best vision to complement your own individual lifestyle.

ORA™ System for Cataract Surgery

At Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center, we are continually investing in new technologies to make our procedures safer and more effective. Recently, we added Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) technology to our practice for use during advanced cataract surgery.

The doctors at Rosenbaum Eye & Laser Center use the ORA System to make the power of the replacement intraocular lens (IOL) as accurate as possible. The IOL is designed to replace your cloudy lens so you can achieve better vision. When patients opt to have an advanced IOL implanted (to simultaneously correct astigmatism or improve their reading vision), our doctors can use the ORA System to recheck your refractive error measurements after the cataract lens is removed to adjust the IOL power. This is done using Wavefront analysis in real time.

ORA System Benefits

Our practice chose the ORA System because it allows us to:

  • Provide better vision outcomes for patients with astigmatism or presbyopia
  • Create a truly tailored procedure
  • Re-calculate your refractive power during surgery
  • Adjust the IOL power in real time
  • Reduce the need for follow-up surgeries

To find out if cataract surgery with ORA in Michigan is right for you, contact us today to schedule a cataract consultation.

IOL Options

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